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If Your Seller Authorized You to Spend $2,000...

I don't know about you, but I'm very much enjoying this debate on whether or not we listing agents can positively affect the market value of our listings. I believe we can. And frankly, I'm stunned at the amount of opposition to that notion.

Now, a disclaimer - I don't work in a distressed market, so I shall defer to those who do that they know more about selling homes in that environment. Fair enough. If you work mostly REO's and short sales, you are excused from this discussion. Although... well, I'll get to that in a sec.

For the rest of us... those of who work primarily retail markets...

If your seller gave you $2,000 and asked you to spend it for him with the goal of getting the highest price in the shortest amount of time... what would you spend it on? Obviously every home and situation is different, but give me a list of priorities you'd address.

For example, would you...

  • Take out a full-color ad in the neighborhood newspaper? and/or
  • Bring in a stager? and/or
  • Bring in a handyman? and/or
  • Replace/refinish flooring?
  • Paint?
  • Hold a catered broker open house? and/or
  • Board the dogs?  and/or
  • Landscape? and/or
  • Have the house professionally cleaned? and/or.....

I have a very clear list in my head of what I'd tackle first, next and after that, depending on what the home needs, but I'd like to hear yours. But here's the big question... DO YOU THINK IT WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the market value and ultimate sellability of the home? Or would your seller be throwing his money away?

Your thoughts are very much appreciated!



 p.s. As alluded to above, perhaps this is not relevant to a distressed market... but maybe it is. What if banks gave their listing agents $2k to spend on improving the property... do you think it would help move these properties faster... for more... or at all?




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