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A fellow Active Rainer, who shall remain nameless in the interest of protecting her relationship with her clients, recently commented on one of my blogs as follows: 

"Jennifer I just wrote an email to a seller who has a very overpriced listing. They swore they'd lower in two weeks if no activity. It is now 5 months later and two very good offers that they rejected."

I asked her for an update and she responded with:

"Jennifer their response was 'they are perplexed that I didn't mention this during the negotiations.' I just don't understand which of the 12 emails and 10 phones calls where I told them the current market they missed."

So, I'm thinking... either these people are idiots, or they truly didn't "hear" what their agent was telling them. Let's give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume the latter. I'd hate to call anyone an idiot.graph

Since the listing agent mentions emails and phone calls, I'll assume that emails and phone calls are how she communicated her news. I'd say she did her job.

But two things come to mind. The first is something I'll save for later in the interest of brevity. The second relates to how we communicate with our clients.

Again, it sounds to me as if our AR agent did a heck of a job communicating with her sellers. But, for the sake of argument, what if her sellers aren't auditory-types and don't "hear" well and/or aren't "good on email?" What if they are engineer-types and need to see charts and graphs and trends? Or what if they're visual and need photos and descriptive text? Maybe they would prefer a long, wordy emailed opinion without any data at all? Perhaps a face2face meeting would have done the trick? Or a tour of the competition?

Loreena Yeo (another AR friend who is also an engineer) is a master of the CMA. Her market analyses are works of art and they impress the heck out of me. But, but, but... if I were a seller, they'd be too data-intense for me.. Ija like pictures and descriptions, so columns of numbers and graphs of monthly trends shut me down. If my agent communicated market data to me this way, I'd be just as "perplexed" as the sellers described above.

Do you attempt to analyze your client to determine the best way to communicate with them? How many different delivery strategies ARE there to communicate with our sellers? Please share yours!

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