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To Present or Not to Present... I Have My Answer

You wanna know the top search term that brings new surfers to my website? Okay, there are two. The first is "New agent announcement letter." The second is "Sample listing presentation."vip

I offer a free sample listing presentation on my website if you join my VIP Lounge (that's free, too). Seems to be a popular item. I'm rather proud of my listing presentation - there's nothing boiler-plate or corporate about it - it's direct and to-the-point, conversational and informative. I've used it, or a similar version for years.

But over the last year or so I've been rethinking the idea of a formal listing presentation (Are listing presentations really necessary... or effective?). I've been experimenting with not doing it and have walked away from my listing appointments much more pleased with myself. But I wasn't sure... for sure.

Well, this last week, I met with a real estate agent in Dothan, Alabama to talk about selling one of my properties (the one where the squatter renter was FINALLY evicted!). She came to the house and asked me to show her around. She asked questions and actually listened to my (sometimes long-winded) answers. She took notes. As we toured, she casually mentioned other homes she'd seen or sold recently that were comparable to mine. Because she knew I was also in the biz, she respectfully asked for my thoughts on a marketing strategy. And listened.

After I was done showing her the house and grounds, she said she wanted to go back to the office and do her homework, now that she'd seen the property. She'd be ready to present her findings the next day if that was okay with me. It was and she did and I hired her.

No presentation. No fancy graphs or charts. No bio, resume or testimonials. Just a subtly demonstrated knowledge of the marketplace, a sincere interest in my situation and a respectful acknowledgment of my intelligence and experience. Had she shown up with a 90-minute formal presentation of how wonderful she was, how awesome her company is and how dangerous it is to OVERPRICE, I'd have tuned her out within 5 minutes.

Do I know her marketing plan? Oops, no, not really. I suppose I could ask and maybe I should. But her non-salespitchy "presentation" made me trust her.

Now, truth be told, this sort of quiet confidence takes awhile to develop. I certainly didn't have it my first year or even my second; maybe even my third. Well, heck, here I am in my 12th year just realizing that I don't need a fancy presentation!

I do believe that the process of creating a formal presentation is good for the soul - it helps you to figure out what you offer and why you're special, and for the times when a seller seems to want something in writing, you have it ready to go. I have much of my presentation available on my website, so sellers can check me out ahead of time or after they've met me.

But during that hour you're meeting with a seller for the first time, it's far more effective to just BE there with them... asking questions, listening to the answers and demonstrating your competence.

So... I have my answer. No More Listing Presentations for me!



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