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One of the toughest conversations for a real estate agent is the one where we talk to our seller prospects about how we're paid. Oh, some of us are more comfortable with it than others, but even the most experienced, seemingly confident agents struggle with the topic at times. And newer agents almost always dread that part of the listing interview.

And there are perfectly good reasons it can be a tough conversation! After all, real estate commissions are usually the most significant expense in selling a home and many sellers are understandably a bit cynical that those high fees are warranted. Sellers also wonder how we can claim to represent their best interests when our paycheck is contingent upon and determined by the outcome of the transaction.

Some agents question their own value, or at least, don't know quite how to communicate their value to a seller. Many find themselves competing with discounters and minimum servicers, and wonder how to prove that "you get what you pay for." Or, conversely, maybe you're a discounter or minimum servicer (and there's nothing wrong with that) and you're tired of being dismissed by the "full-price" crowd as the scourge of the industry.

And how about when your friends and family ask for a discount? How should you handle that? Should you explain to your seller how little of the total commission you actually end up with? Is it a good idea to offer a menu of services, or to charge for your services on an a la carte basis?

On Saturday morning, June 19th, Mollie Wasserman (author of "Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate") and I will answer as many of these questions as we can. And our answers might surprise you; in fact, I'm certain they will. But I'm also certain that you'll come away from this very special show with a much better grasp on your value as a real estate agent, and feel much more confident the next time you're sitting across from a seller prospect talking about your fee.

Hope you'll join us!


Date & Time
: Saturday, June 19th at 11:30 am Eastern / 8:30 am Pacific
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
Format: Teleseminar - you just need a computer and/or a telephone
Cost: *Freeeeeeeeee!


* It's free to attend the live show, but a recording will not be released publicly. You can purchase it after the show in my bookstore, or join Club SWS for $10/month.

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